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The Heating and Air Conditioning Division is proud to service residential customers with their repair and installation needs.  We service and install all brands.

Fair Rates and Quality Service

We offer fair rates and quality service.  We maintain a small team of highly qualified technicians to service your Heating and Air Conditioning needs.  Remember bigger is not better.  Bigger is just bigger cost for you the customer.   The big companies charge you more because they have to maintain such large organizations and multiple sub-contractor relationships.  Don't pay extra fees for their bad management and high overhead cost.

Flat Rate pricing

We offer flat rate pricing which allows us to provide you with a firm quote for the cost of your HVAC service following our troubleshooting & diagnosis of your system. 
Our customers demand that we offer clear and up front estimates of their job prior to starting.  We try to remove the anxiety of watching the clock and allow you to relax and give our techs an opportunity to spend the time to do the job correctly without pressure. 
We believe this is the most fair pricing system in our business and is preferred over the hourly rate pricing system of many of our competitors that often leave customers with a large surprise at the end of the job.

Our Team consists of the Best and Brightest

Our team is smart and capable.  Our professionals are trained and educated at some of the finest institutions in the country.  For example one of our key members graduated top of his class from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a 3.9 GPA in Electrical Engineer .  He is just one example of how we believe in retaining the smartest professionals to help us maintain the highest level of quality for our customers.

Please don't be fooled by the big companies' commercials about how many years of experience they have.  Many times the original owners no longer work at these organizations.  Of course they still charge you the highest rates, which we believe is unfair to you the customer.  In contrast we offer excellent rates and our team is often times better trained and more experienced.

Certified by State of Alabama

We are certified HVAC contractors licensed by the state of Alabama Board of  Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors.  This means our professionals have passed rigorous exams and requirements that ensures we are qualified to handle your Heating and Air Conditioning needs.  This means we are bonded, licensed and must meet the annual training requirements of the state of Alabama.   This is to protect you the customer and ensure you are getting a quality contractor.
Remember, in Alabama you must hire a State Certified Contractor.  It is the Law and protects you in the event there is a major incident.

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